The first book is published. It is really something special, uncompairable, unique and manageable.

Here a look at the box (front):


And a look at the box-backside (below is slide and the bookcover visible):


On the 100 pages we take you onto an incredible tour around Germany’s largest war memorial – the Monument to the Battle of the Nations (in german: Völkerschlachtdenkmal). It was build 1898 til 1913 in rememberance of the huge battle against Napoleon in 1813 near Leipzig.

 Here a frame out of our book:


You can be sure: This book is something exceptionally!


  • book: 100 pages, 4/0 colourfotos plus cover 300g/m²
  • box: 4/0 coloures, with bar code label G-TIN (4280001485013)
  • box dimensions 114 x 60 x 32  mm
  • each book is handmade and continuous numbered!
  • printed, binded and marketed in Leipzig/Germany

If you are interested – as private- or salesperson – in acquire one or more books – contact us about the conditions.